Research work

The theme of the defense of the Brest fortress in June-July of 1941 has been the main theme of the research work for many years. It is a starting point during developing new directions and searches, which are connected with both the history of the fortress and the city.

During the last years the work is led in the network of the preparation and holding of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from German-fascist invaders and of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in Great Patriotic War.

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The names of 3 defenders of the fortress who died during the fight in 1941 were memorialized on the plates of the memorial in 2012 as the result of the perennial research, queries to archives and establishments of the countries of CIC.

The flared-out list of the defenders of the fortress and the members of their families, whose names (276 people) are memorialized on the plates of the memorial is complied for the book of Memory on national composition.

The material (on national composition) about the defenders of the fortress, who stayed alive, died at the front and in guerrilla brigades, died in captivity, missing persons is complied. The information about the survived defenders of the fortress’s birthplace, the participants of the fight in Brest district in June 1941, guerrillas, the participants of the liberation of Belarus and the members of the families of Brest garrison in 1941 was checked.

The material has been collected and 15 scientific certificates in various directions and themes have been prepared.

The work on the file for including the fortress in the list of the world heritage UNESCO has been held since 2004 (the list and scientific passports of the survived fortifications in Brest and Brest district have been compiled, the memories of the local residents of the line of the 62nd Brest fortified area have been collected, the fortification of the objects of Volyn, Terespol and Kobrin fortifications has been held).

The list of outer fortifications of the fortress with the description and brief historical information is compiled for taking under protection by the country.

The proposals for the use of objects of the fortress (Volynsky and the part of Kobrynsky fortifications) for the cultural and tourist purposes were prepared for the Coordinating Council of the Brest regional Executive Committee.
The staff of the memorial took part in the work of international conferences, seminars and meetings.

The information about the history of the Memorial Museum from the late 1940s of XX century – to this day was picked up and processed; it is in its own way the chronicle of events and facts.