Researching and educational work

The Brest Fortress Defence MuseumEvery year more than 300.000 of visitors, about 6000 excursion groups visit the Fortress; more than 150 cultural-educational events are carried out. Scientific-educational work is an important area of the museum activity. It consists of traditional and modern forms of activity.

The traditional forms include realization of review and thematic excursions, lecturing, conducting lessons of peace, memory, the meeting-requiem, meetings with the veterans etc.

Special consideration is given to the work with young people. Close contacts are established with the departments of Education, the Councils of Veterans of the town and the region.

St. Nicholas’ Garrison ChurchFor the pupils and the students comprehensive measures, the maticexcursions and lectures are worked out, taking into account educational programs of schools and universities, age-specific features: «The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk», «Initial period of the Great Patriotic War», «The writer-soldier S.Smirnov», «D.Karbyshev», «Life and Feat», «Liberator of Motherland», «Memorial – the school of courage».

The subject-matter of excursion work has been greatly enlarged in the XXI century. New excursion routes have appeared: in «The world of beauty, the world of spiritual» round St. Nicholas temple, along the ruins of the temple and the other buildings of «The Old town».

The excursion along the 5th Fort, the fortifications of The Brest Fortress and the 62th fortified area can be trans-frontier in the future.  

Terespol GateIn February of 2013 the presentation of the excursion route on the Terespol fortification has been carried out in compliance with the program of the further development of its tourist's potential.  

Nowadays children are acquainted with the exposition in a game form during the excursion «Hello, museum». They are invited with their parents to make an excursion «Nature of the museum».

The excursion is worked out in English, Polish and German.

New forms of work have appeared, especially concerning children audience. The changes in the educational conception of the memorial have been made when the museum pedagogy appeared.

Museum-pedagogic program «Nature of the Brest Fortress» (Winter. Spring. Summer. Autumn) has been worked out and now is a success. The aim of the program is to introduce the diversity of the inhabitants of the Fortress (26 species of plants and animals registered in the Red Book of  the Republic of Belarus) to children.

Museum-pedagogic program «And eternal fight…» (with the use of the exhibition, of works of the Belarusian artist Petr Sidorovich Durchin) has been worked out for pupils of junior and elder grades. The acquaintance with the artist’s studio, his biography and works (portraits of the defenders, landscapes, ruins and memorable places of the Fortress) let solve either educational or pedagogic problems.

In the museum there has the opportunity appeared now. This is the opportunity to learn more about the history of the town and the Fortress, memorable events and the problems concerning the restoration of the memorial in the cycle of the movies, created by Belvideocenter (Minsk), the Brest TV and radio company: «Sacred objects of Belarus», «I am, the 5th fort, I testify», «Citadel of memory», «Boundary of immortality».

The documentaries «The Brest Hero-Fortress» and «The Fortress over the Bug River» (RUP «Belvideocenter») have been created in 2011.

Traditional dedications in students of special educational institutions and the students of Brest institutions of higher learning; admission in public youth organizations; opening of regional and republican sports and athletics meeting; meetings, socio-political actions on the Victory Day and the Day of memory and Grief with liturgy in the honor of the dead in St. Nicholas temple with the participation of the International trains «Peace and Memory» are ended up with imposition of flowers to the Eternal Flame, launching of the wreaths with lighted candles onto the waters of the West Bug. prisjaga

The successive connection between the generations is greatly felt on such days as «The Day of town’s conscript», «The day of swearing by Brest garrison».

The memorial gained its authority among the other museums and abroad through its scientific-educational, scientific-researching, publishing, exhibition and scientific-educational activity. The evidence of it are participations of scientists in International Congresses of military fields and the memorials of historic events (2000, 2004, 2006), in the International scientific conference devoted to the 65th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (2007) and others, including abroad ones. Also the participation in meetings of the International union of public associations of towns-heroes of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine (1999-2011). It is symbolic that the 15th meeting of the International union of public associations of towns-heroes took place in the Brest Fortress in Brest.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus A.Lukashenka of January, 2 1997 «About some measures concerning patriotic education of youth», the memorial «Brest Hero-Fortress» is a free-lance center of patriotic education of youth nowadays.

In June of 2011 the International scientific-practical conference «Historical heritage of June 1941 in the research and expositions of the museum» was carried out. It was organized by the memorial dedicated to the 70 years of the Brest-Fortress defence. The representatives of the museums and historians of Russia, Belarus, and Germany took part in it.

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