The funds of the museum

phoca thumb l foto-11More than 80.000 museum articles have been collected during the existence of the museum and the memorial. They are related to the subject of the Brest Fortress defence, the history of its construction and modernization. The articles are also related to the liberation of Brest from the German fascist aggressors in 1944 and the memorial nowadays. The whole fund of the museum is divided into such collections as: numismatics, photographs, negatives, books, documents, things, art, weapons, and weapons from excavations on the basis of which new exhibitions are opened every year.

The earliest exhibits of the museum are the Komsomolskaya card of Aleksey Naganov found in1949 during the stripping of the Terespol Gate, the Order Nr 1 of the 24th of June, 1941and the patronage banner of the 84th Rifle regiment found in the ruins of the 33th regiment (present museum) in 1950. The reliquiae were kept in the room of Battle Fame of the garrison opened in 1951. The names of the people who took the direction of the Fortress defence in those days became known only with the help of the Order Nr 1.

phoca thumb l foto-3The memories of the participants of the events which helped to reconstruct the heroic defence of the Brest Fortress are the most valuable museum objects. And among the memories the most valuable are those memories which the writer Sergey Sergeyevich Smirnov, one of the first who raised the theme of the Brest Fortress, put down in his writing-books, notebooks during conversations with the defenders of the Brest Fortress, using them later while writing the book «Brest Fortress». A huge amount of material has been collected during 10 years of work on the book. The whole archives and personal goods of the writer, including rewards, the books with inscription of their authors (about 500 copies) were given to the museum by Sergey Sergeyevich himself, and partially by his wife, Virginia Genrihovna, after the death of the writer.

More than 1500 works of art are the museum’s property. Among them about 200 are the property of the honored worker of art of Belarus, a graphic artist and painter – Petr Sidorovich Durchin, who dedicated the most part of his creative life to the Brest Fortress.

At the end of the 50th and at the beginning of the 60th the funds of the museum were enlarged by the documents, photographs and pictures of the enemy: a photocopy of the whole text of the «Operation Barbarossa» – Directive of the High Command of Germany Armed Forces № 21 of 18.12.1940; a book by R. Gshepf (a pastor who passed the whole battle way with the 45th German infantry division) «My way with the 45th infantry division»; the photographs from German magazine «Signal» of 1941, the issues in French and German; the collected movies «Die Deutsche Wochenschau».

phoca thumb l foto-22In 1990 from the archives of Potsdam (Germany) not less important documents came in: a report of the commander by the 4th army – the Field Marshal von Klüge about the battles for the Brest-Litovsk Fortress of 07.08.1941; the report about the seizure of Brest-Lytovsk during June 1941.

In 1993-1994 the museum has got a collection of slides-photographs from Michael Wechtler – the officer of the 45th German infantry division. The photographs were made in 1941 in the Brest Fortress and then gathered from the veterans of the division.

The goods from the excavations perform the particular category of the museum reliquiae. These are household goods, weapons of the defenders of the Fortress, bricks fritted by the flame of the flame throwers, alloy of bullets and cases, splinters of ammunition. They are the silent witnesses of the war, the witnesses of the tragic events of June-July 1941.

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